Our Core Beliefs

What We Are About and How We Do It

HBH Academy was formed in 2012, following the successful federation of Hartley Brook and Hatfield Primary schools in 2010. Two years of successful collaboration lead to the conversion to Academy status so the outstanding partnership could continue.

HBH Academy is made up of 2 larger than average primary schools on Sheffield’s Shiregreen Estate on the north side of the city. Between the 2 sites there are 1000 pupils and 150 staff, that work within and support The Academy. Nearly 50% of our young people at HBH are entitled to Free School Meals.

Our School and yours

When your child becomes a member of HBH Academy, you too, as parents and carers, become part of our academy community.

We regard it as a privilege to share with you the life and development of your child. Education is a shared enterprise in which the children, their families and the school participate. A positive relationship between home and school enhances a child’s attitude to learning, behaviour and motivation. We seek to encourage a shared commitment to the success of each individual by involving parents and carers as fully as possible in the life and work of HBH Academy. (link to Home/School Partnerships)

3 Core values underpin the day-to-day life at HBH Academy.
• Respect yourself
• Respect Others
• Respect the Environment

Both the staff and the pupils follow these values in order to make HBH Academy the fabulous place it is.

The Team

The HBH Academy team, work tirelessly to give the pupils the opportunities they deserve regardless of background or ethnicity.

Our core belief is that any school can become an outstanding educational provider, with outstanding achievement and standards.

In schools that we are supporting on their journey towards this, our central aim is to improve pupils’ learning in order to dramatically raise standards and accelerate their rate of achievement by;

• Opening teachers’ eyes to show them that what they may think is impossible, is most definitely possible: that is, given the right conditions, all children, no matter who they are, or where they are, can succeed equally well;
• And by the team focusing on providing staff with the knowledge and skills to enable them to create the conditions that will optimise their pupils’ pace of learning.

When teachers have both a firm belief in pupils’ innate ability to succeed and the knowledge and the skills to harness it, they can change standards and achievement within their school beyond all recognition. HBH has successfully developed:

• A leadership team and staff that enthusiastically and tenaciously focus on improving teaching and learning;
• Learning environments that overtly supports their children’s learning;
• A staff team who teach at least good lessons all the time (not just when they are being observed)
• Staff who use embedded assessment for learning techniques in every lesson
• Staff who are able to develop pupils’ own learning behaviours to a high level
• Quality teachers who are able to develop their pupils’ ability to use ‘talk for learning’ to a high level
• A whole staff who spread high expectations and pride in achievement throughout the school and its community.